About Us


Glued Solutions (GSI) is a leading provider of wireless building control system provisioning, configuration, maintenance, and application development services. As an industry leader since 2006, GSI's NEXTGEN System Provisioning Services are backed by our intimate understanding of networked controls systems and our extensive field experiences, having provisioned tens-of-millions of square feet of commercial spaces.

Who We Are

Glued Solutions is a Smarter Building Technologies Alliance company. Smarter Building Technologies alliance redefines how energy efficiency and IoT-based projects are engineered, deployed, and supported long term. By pooling the strengths of our internal factories we are able to deploy smart building systems faster and with fewer headaches - thereby empowering our industry partners and end-user clients. 

reducing-smart-building-complexityReducing Complexity

GSI takes charge of all critical system provisioning and setup tasks when deploying a smart lighting system to reduce complexity and ensure a successful system startup.


glued-solutions-streamlined-system-setupStreamlining Setup

Glued Solutions has pioneered how networked wireless control systems are deployed and provisioned. In addition to this pioneering work, GSI has developed propitiatory system deployment procedures to more efficiently launch, configure, and provision wireless networked control systems.


wireless-control-system-experts Wireless Controls Expertise

Glued Solutions engineers possess the system design know-how and deployment experience to tackle even the most challenging applications. GSI engineers are also schooled in the latest control platforms including ZigBee, Bluetooth, and LiFi.


When working with GSI, clients can rest assured that all critical logistics and system setup tasks - including system floor plan designs, device configuration, system startup, and edge device maintenance - are completed successfully, and without hassle, by integration experts.

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