About Us


SBT Alliance partners with small, medium, and Fortune 500 customers to design, deploy, and support IoT-enabled solutions, systems, and technologies that help future-proof businesses. Our system and solution integration services make buildings safer, smarter and ready to take advantage of a digital future.

Who Is SBT?

SBT helps our customers deploy IoT-based solutions, systems, and technologies that make their buildings safer and smarter, while helping them fund the project through cost savings and operational efficiency improvements.

We have dozens of IoT industry partners, and we deploy IoT-enabled systems across a multitude of categories: Lighting, HVAC, Safety, Analytics, and more. Also, through our S|HUB tablet and application integrations, we have the capability to service and communicate with these systems from a single platform.

reducing-smart-building-complexityReducing Complexity

SBT takes charge of all critical system provisioning and setup tasks when deploying a smart IoT system to reduce complexity and ensure a successful system startup.


glued-solutions-streamlined-system-setupStreamlining Setup

SBT has pioneered how networked wireless control systems and IoT devices are deployed and provisioned. In addition to this pioneering work, SBT has developed propitiatory system deployment procedures and tools, including our S|HUB Tablet, to efficiently launch, configure, and provision wireless networked control systems.


wireless-control-system-experts Wireless Controls Expertise

SBT system engineers possess the system design know-how and deployment experience to tackle even the most challenging applications. SBT engineers are also schooled in the latest IoT control platform protocols, including ZigBee, Bluetooth, Li-Fi, and LoRaWAN.


When working with SBT, clients can rest assured that all project logistics and system setup tasks are completed successfully and without hassle. System integration experts tackle system floor plan designs, IoT device configuration, system startup, and ongoing edge device maintenance.

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